Logical Reasoning for Higher-Order Functions with Local State (with N. Yoshida, K. Honda)

Abstract. We introduce an extension of Hoare logic for call-by-value higher-order functions with ML-like local reference generation. Local references may be generated dynamically and exported outside their scope, may store higher-order functions and may be used to construct complex mutable data structures. This primitive is captured logically using a predicate asserting reachability of a reference name from a possibly higher-order datum and quantifiers over hidden references. The logic enjoys three completeness properties: relative completeness, a logical characterisation of the contextual congruence and derivability of characteristic formulae. The axioms for reachability and local invariants play a fundamental role in reasoning about non-trivial programs combining higher-order procedures and dynamically generated references.

Downloads: Short version (draft). Short version (publisher). Long version (draft). Long version (publisher). Additional theorems and proofs, currently unpublished. BibTeX